ABC to Release Broadcast Content on the Web

Jeff blogs about ABC’s decision to release content on the web the day after it airs on TV.

It’s all starting to happen.

First it was people surfing the net while they watched TV, then it was 18 year old guys disappearing from Nielsen ratings (can anyone say WOW?).

As the audience shifts so does the media company’s approach to reach them. ABC is simply reacting to their audience shift.

This is an audience that prefers time shifted viewing, watching episodes on their laptops, and IM’ing all the way through the episode with their friends.

This programming shift will also have dramatic impacts on home technology. The most obvious thing is that if you watch to watch this content on the web, then you are going to need to hook the web up to your TV. That is going to necessitate consumers to upgrade to HD TVs with resolutions high enough display the text and controls that will go along with the programming.

However, forcing consumers to go out and buy an HDTV doesn’t quite solve the problem as most computers do not have HDMI (hi-def video and audio over a single cable) outputs that the TV makers are using for HD input.

But wires are so five years ago. Why not simply stream the content from your computer wirelessly to your TV? It seems like that is on the way

It won’t be long till all broadcast content is IP addressable and when it is, there is going to be a computer inside your TV.

And when that happens it’s going to make the TIVOs, cable box makers, and even the cable companies themselves pretty irrelevant.

Posted at 1pm on 4/10/06 | | Filed Under: General