Just Ordered My Apple TV

I just ordered my Apple TV. After taking a look at the interface screens posted on engadget, here is what i can tell:

  • It seems like you can select the source computer that you can AppleTV to pull media from. This is important for me as we have three different computers in the home running OS X.
  • RAW image format does not seem to be among the supported image formats on the spec page. I wonder how it’s going to deal with that when my iPhoto libray has RAW images in it….

Now here are the unknowns for me at this point:

  • What about AirTunes? Will the AppleTV show up as a set of remote speakers in Itunes? Boy I hope so. If not then i need to keep my airport express pluged into my stereo and the have two sets of audio ports taken up on my amp (one for the airport express and one for apple TV). This would not be good…..[UPDATE: The web site says that you can stream media to appleTV or you can “sync” the media to it….
  • What about Movies/DVDs that I do not buy from the apple store? What i want to do is buy some big disks and strt ripping my DVD collection and then use appleTV to access those movies.
  • What is that USB port really for. The spec page says “for service and diagnostics” but I don’t fully buy it.

Anyone have some answers or more info?

Posted at 8pm on 1/9/07 | | Filed Under: Music, Technology