Adobe Announces Lightroom Pricing and Availability

Ars tells us that Adobe has announced pricing, availability for Lightroom.

Pre-order now to get it for $100 less making the cost a reasonable $199.

Among the new features we can expect since the last public beta version are these notables:

  • Snapshots – ability to maintain multiple edited versions of a raw file. I can’t wait to see how this works.
  • Clone and heal nondestructively – this is tricky to do in Photoshop so hope it’s easier here. Plus is makes sense to do this in Lightroom if they allow you to save the edits as a dust mask that can be applied to multiple images…

Now all i need is a Lightroom to Gallery upload plugin and i can further reduce my use of iPhoto to just book building.

Posted at 2pm on 1/29/07 | | Filed Under: Photography