About Peter

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Companies I’ve Worked For

I started my career in the very early days of the Internet when web sites had grey backgrounds and companies were just beginning to discover new way to do business and communicate with their customers online. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to startup, or work for, companies that have played important roles in the development of the Internet advertising and measurement.


Cloudability – www.cloudability.com

COO, June 2012 – Present
Chief Operating Officer for this pioneer in cloud computing cost management and analytics. Track and analyze your company’s technology costs in one place. Signup for a fee account.


Company.com – www.company.com

EVP, Director, May 2009 – November 2011
Member of board of directors and Executive Vice President in charge of product development and strategy helping to create a social network where business owners and professionals can discover new ways to save money and grow their businesses.


Matchpoint – www.matchpoint.com

President, April 2007 – May 2009
Chief executive of local business search engine and advertising network that connects over 14M local businesses with searchers looking for the products and services that they provide. Responsible for managing the company’s strategic direction and day-to-day operations including product development, sales, and marketing. Matchpoint was acquired by Company.com in May 2009.

Connexus – www.connexuscorp.com

CTO, May 2005 – April 2007
Chief Technology Officer for this pioneer in performance-based Internet marketing. Responsible for all aspects of engineering, operations, and product management for all business units including: Internet display, affiliate, promotions, search engine marketing, and lead generation ad networks.


Co-Founder, October 2004
Co-founder of this award winning, web 2.0 music recommendation and search community. Music Recommendations are derived from the analysis of the music shared by millions of users on peer-to-peer search networks.

LookSmart, Ltd. (NASQD: LOOK)

CTO & Chief Product Officer, October 2001 – October 2004
Chief product and technology officer for one of the Internet’s original web directories and search engines. Responsible for the design and development of large scale web search services including the WiseNut web search engine, the Grub distributed web crawler, Furl social bookmarking community, as well as the LookListings keyword advertising marketplace. Managed combined editorial, product management, engineering, and technical operations staff of over 200.

Primary Knowledge

Chairman & CEO, April 1999 – August 2001
Founder and chief executive officer of one of the first web analytics service providers. Provided an outsourced web service that tracked and analyzed the visitors of a business’s web site and online marketing campaigns/programs. Designed, business/product model, recruited team of 80+ and successfully raised over $20 million in capital. Company’s technology was acquired by SPSS and LookSmart in 2001.

Modem Media Poppe Tyson (NASD: MMPT)

VP, Technology Strategy & Alliances, June 1998 – April 1999
Post merger executive in charge of development of new marketing services such as outbound e-mail marketing, ad serving, marketing analytics, and customer care.

Poppe Tyson Advertising – poppe.com

CTO, 1995 – 1998
Chief technical officer for pioneering Internet advertising agency that provided web development and Internet marketing services to some of the largest brands. Customers included: Netscape, The White House, Chase Manhattan Bank, E*TRADE, Dow Chemical, and Johnson & Johnson. Developed services model, hired and oversaw staff of 90+, and was responsible for growth and development of the agency into Ad Week’s number one Internet Ad Agency in terms of billings, scale and capabilities in 1996. Also responsible for the development and incubation of proprietary Internet marketing products/services including ad serving (later spun off into DoubleClick), and on-line consumer research (later spun off into Dynamic Logic) businesses.


When I’m not working on a commercial project, I enjoy spending time working on a few personal Internet projects of my own.

Open Web Analytics – www.openwebanalytics.com

Founder and principle developer of this open source web analytics framework written in PHP and licensed under GPL. Software has been downloaded and used by tens of thousands of web sites, blogs and wikis to track visitor behavior and core business metrics.


Recyclepedia.org – www.recyclepedia.org

Founder of community edited encyclopedia project devoted to recycling and re-use of products, materials, and everyday things. I started this project one day after scouring the Internet for he best way to recycle the jewel cases from my CD collection. I just couldn’t believe that a site like this didn’t already exist. Anyone can use Recyclepedia to create a page about how to recycle any kind of product or material, or share info about what their local or company is doing about recycling and reuse. Contribute what you know and save the planet.

Advisory Boards (present and past)

The following is a list of companies to which I have served as an advisor.

Cloudability – www.cloudability.com

Textwise – www.textwise.com



WorldGate Communications (NASQD: WGATE)

Screaming Media (NASQD: SCRM)

Speaker Credentials & Conferences

I love to speak at conferences and have had the opportunity to do so at Ad:Tech, Jupiter Advertising Forum, Thunder Lizard, Search Engine Strategies, PDMA, PubCon, Online Market World and others.

Published Articles & Papers

I spend most of my time blogging on this web site but prior to that I’ve published a few articles in a various trade magazines.

“The Data Silo Effect” The Advertiser (Jan. 2001)

“Calculating Visitor Value to Publishers” iMarketing News (Sept. 2000)

“Resolving the Profiling and Privacy Conflict” Marketing Edge (Sept. 2000)

“Make Sure Your Metrics Measure Up” iMarketing News (Aug. 2000)

“The Data Warehousing Dilemma” iMarketing News (Jul. 2000)

“The Log Files vs. Pixels, What’s the Difference?” iMarketing News (May 2000)

“Just Add Cookies” The Advertiser (May 2000)

“Fighting Churn: How to Spot and Stop Defectors” iMarketing News (Apr. 2000)

“For Your Eyes Only. Click Through’s and ROI? Get your Facts Straight” AdWeek (Jan. 2000)


In addition to working with startups, I am also a professional photographer. You can visit my photography website to view my work.