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I combine the knowledge from the Book of Life with intuitive and energetic tracking. My intent is to shine a bright light through stuck energy to refresh the psyche, reveal more soul, and help bring clarity.


Core Life Path Archetypes:

This session is an introduction to the Book of Life as well as your two primary archetypes: 1) birth archetype and 2) personality archetype. The goal is to reveal and clarify your unique “operating system” or the inherent drives that serve and challenge you. There are so many places to focus when diving deep into self-revelation. When we identify the *precise* inner tensions that create our repeating patterns (and suffering), we know exactly where to apply our awareness. Precision awareness is ground-zero for more self-compassion and freedom.

Soul Challenge & Soul Gift Archetypes:

This session goes deeper into the rich dynamics of your personal archetypes by identifying core challenges and gifts. This information often acts as an *activation* permissioning ownership of potential that you may be disowning, connecting you to more personal synergy.

Shadow Archetype:

This session identifies unconscious drives connected to our deepest, most elusive difficulties and desires. Our shadow archetype connects to hidden issues or ‘soul wounds’. Naming and recognizing this powerful force operating “behind the scenes” is a game-changer. It can offer a back door portal into profound realizations and shifts. 


Relationship Synergy:

This session explores the keys to synergizing and optimizing your closest relationships and partnerships.

Parent / Child:

This session explores your child’s primary life archetypes, the synergistic relationship between you and your child, and keys for relating to and guiding them in an optimal way.


In these sessions we can use the Book of Life to explore the archetypes that are influencing specific situations in your life.

Yearly Archetypes:

This session looks at the major influences operating throughout your birthday year and illuminates your year’s greatest challenges and potentials. 

52-Day Cycle Archetypes:

Each year, we move through seven 52-day cycles that exert different influences on our life. This session looks at specific issues and themes to be aware of during these cycles as well as where to focus for the most beneficial outcome. 


Work / Purpose:

This session looks at the archetypes in your life path that connect to vocation. Naming and recognizing our specific strengths, challenges, and (karmic) responsibilities will often confirm, redirect, or fine tune the direction of our work in the world.

*You will receive a recording of the session*

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