None of the “personality typing” I’ve done before were nearly as illuminating as my Book of Life session with you. You were able to decode (with alarming accuracy) the internal drivers and tensions I’ve felt for years. Since my session, I’ve felt such a sense of contentment & clarity because of the courage I’ve gained from knowing that my soul’s passion isn’t a random pipe dream, but an inherent part of my life path.

-Michelle L.

I still carry my Book of Life session with me to this day. It felt like you touched on some themes unique to my life that no one had ever pointed out or voiced before. Immensely helpful in understanding my unique path and some of the pointers you gave still come to mind on a near-daily basis.

-Minda M.

It felt like this session may have changed the course of my existence. I felt free and light and redeemed. It was profound!

-Ashley D.

Thanks for being such an incredible force for good in my life. Your readings have been a HUGE source of creative energy. Everything challenging in this year has been transmuted to a constructive growth experience because of your work.

-Jane F.

Nyla is a rare gem who blends a wicked intellect and nuanced understanding of the book of life system with a deep well of compassion, intuition, connection to source and passion to serve. She has an uncanny ability to channel just the right insights to help you break through and forward in your own life journey – I’ve experienced and witnessed this super power in action many times and highly recommend her readings as a resource for your own journey.

-Brooking G.

“Rockstar of the Book of Life”! I am profoundly blessed to have you as my spiritual guide. Your masterful readings have saved my marriage TWICE and have brought me profound peace and understanding of personal purpose, my husband’s, and our role together in this world. You gently shine light on the shadows I can’t see by taking complex metaphysical concepts and making them instantly usable and understandable.

-Joanne M.

I know without a doubt that you were meant to enter my life when you did. Since meeting you in the most synergistic way, my understanding about my life, this path, my purpose and the gifts I have to serve others with, have been shown to me with clarity and more potency then ever before. Thank you Nyla for opening my mind, heart and soul to this ancient and divine knowledge. You are a gift!

-Heather M.