What is the Book of Life?

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Just like you have a genetic code that maps the design of your body, you have an energetic code that maps the design of your life.

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The Book of Life contains the master patterns of humanity—52 sacred archetypes.

Based on your birthday, this timeless system of knowledge synergizes numerology, astrology and metasymbology to reveal the core archetypes that illuminate your life path and purpose. 

The lost teachings of the Book of Life were hidden in plain sight inside the deck of 52-playing cards by ancient masters of knowledge who sought to protect and preserve it. The deck is actually a book without a binding (!) and each card is a ‘page’ that represents a master archetypal pattern.

When combined, these 52 human archetypes and their mathematical combinations create a model of life on Earth. The human experience happens inside of a matrix that is based on numbers. Numbers have frequency and different frequencies have different *qualities*. These qualities interact with us, influence us, challenge us and bring forth the archetypal experiences we are here to experience.

It’s said the ancient masters who hid the master archetypes in the playing cards enchanted them with a sacred destiny to spread throughout the world, only to open its knowledge to humanity when the time was ripe. It’s interesting to note that as history unfolded, the playing cards and its iconic four suits, did indeed, become a ubiquitous presence in virtually every country. The time has finally come for this timeless knowledge to be re-discovered by humanity as we are poised to make an evolutionary leap.


Your Life Path

You have a series of 13 cards that create a unique combination of core *themes* influencing your life from cradle to grave. They are found based on your birthday and reveal:

  • Life purpose(s)
  • Desires and drives
  • Challenges and obstacles
  • Gifts and “superpowers”
  • Unconscious blocks
  • Karmic relationship influences


Readings from the Book of Life

The purpose of a reading is to name and recognize the specific archetypes of your life path and identify areas where you might be resisting your very nature. This self-knowledge permissions you to:

  • stop comparing yourself to others (parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, cultural memes)
  • liberate yourself from repeating patterns that keep you stuck, uninspired or overwhelmed
  • activate gifts that have been dormant, unrecognized or even unconsciously rejected
  • identify places of elusive struggle where non-judgmental awareness can bring about radical change

A profound shift happens when we *finally stop* resisting our nature and allow ourselves to flourish as we are, rather than how we think we should be. The result is more peace, synchronicity, joy and flow!